Wednesday, May 18, 2011


What is a "Woozie" or a "Koozie"? Woozies are an insulated sleeve for your wine made of neoprene, a fantastic fiber which insulates. Koozies are made from thick scba high density foam which insulates. No more holding wet wine glasses when drinking your wine cold. Keeps your wine at a constant temperature, fun and stylish. A great gift idea for the wine enthusiasts. Visit the Woozie site  and see all the different styles they have. They also have this for the wine bottles. A design for everyone. Washable and reusable these are perfect for indoors and outdoors.
You can also find a wine bottle "Koozie" at this site  where you can get it personalized with an embroidered initial or name. 
Koozie's or Woozie's whichever you prefer could be the gift you've been looking for to accompany your bottle of wine or wine glass.

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