Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sun, Fun & Wine Saturday!

The sun has not shined much this past spring for us. But yesterday was a gloriously beautiful sunshiny day! What a perfect day for a drive to Ohio to the wine tasting at Vintage Estates Wine and Beer. My friend and I set out as usual to have lunch at our favorite restaurant. Then off to the wine taste. The turnout at the VE was not as large as normal possibly because of the nice weather and graduation parties. But nevertheless we had a great time as always. 
Phil & Sandy had a wine rep behind the bar who was very informative about each sampling he poured for us. This is something I hope they have more often as it was a nice touch to an already nice arrangement. The rep offered information on each wine and was personable to each and every one who went for their next sampling. Watching from a distance and also speaking with him I could tell he really loves his job. Passion is a good thing when your job has you working with the public. Well done. I applaud you!
The samplings consisted of a nice selection of whites and reds. The first was a Mason Cellars "Pomelo" Sauvignon Blanc 2009 from California. It was very light, crisp and clear with citrus notes along with a bit of herbiness. A very good choice for a hot day. Drinking this on the patio at the VE was very refreshing. Next was another white from France, Chateau Mas Neuf "Paradox" Blanc 2010. It was part Grenache Blanc and Roussanne. Its color was yellow with scents of peaches.It also was a great choice for a hot day. It reminded me of drinking mineral water, but with more taste. The next was another "Paradox" ....Chateau Mas Neuf "Paradox" Rouge 2009. This wine had a deep rich color and fruitiness along with strong leather aroma.To me I could smell a smokiness but when thinking upon this again I now can relate it to leather.  This wine would go well I think with a nice dinner of roast. Either chicken or beef. 
We also had Plungerhead Zinfadel 2009. This one I liked alot. I love old vine Zins. It was jammed packed with flavor and aromas. Berries of all sorts with a hint of pepper and oak.Very good choice VE!
Bishop's Peak Cabernat 2007 had a bittiness to it. Just the right amount to leave you wanting another sip of pleasure. This also was a pleasing red to try. 
We finally wound down our time at the VE with a Pennywise Petit Sirah 2009. This wine was deep dark purple in color with the taste of berries lingering on your palate. Mixed with spices and chocolate flavors it was a perfect wine to end our day before heading out to Starbucks to enjoy a cup of full bodied coffee before we began our journey back home. 
We could not have asked for a more perfect day! A great drive, great lunch, pleasant wine tasting, time to sit on the patio both at the VE and at Starbucks. Time to kick back, relax and enjoy and for a while just forget about life's stress, whatever they may be. Stop by the VE  if you are ever in the Boardman, Ohio area. You can enjoy a bottle of beer or glass of wine on their patio or at their bar anytime they are open. You don't need to wait to attend a wine tasting to see what they are all about. Phil & Sandy will love having you!
Salute !

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